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We’re better in shapes and forms than words, non the less here goes;

At PEKKA STUDIO we design and manufacture simple and present furniture,combining simple shapes and silhouettes to create light and shadow with clean design pieces.


We love to discover new geometric shapes through playing with the center of gravity. We are passionate about finding balance with simple shapes. Our main material is metal bar which we combine with wood or metal plate in order to make durable, functional and simple objects.

And yes, it’s true our favorite word is simple!


All PEKKA products are made in Istanbul by local manufacturers who are not just business contacts but our friends. 



You don't want store or ship air. That's why all Pekka products are designed so that they fit into small flatpack packages. 



Good design doesn't have to be serious to be taken seriously. Pekka products have a hint of playfulness in them. 

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