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P E K K A 

simple and present

P E K K A 

simple and present



ANKA House was our first private house interior project. It's a two-storey penthouse, situated at the center of the designer-dense Istanbul district of Nisantasi. When it was our turn to renew the 150 square meter apartment, we met with the future inhabitants, actually our friends in the house on a sunny spring day of May 2018. 

Inhabitants' experiences are the cornerstone of our design process. After many discussions and deep conversations, we started with the strategy.

What makes a house a home?


anka house - pekka studio.jpg
16 - render 08-r2.jpg

Our first step was to simplify everything we felt was too much, in terms of materials.


Then, we designed a place where special objects which held important memories for the home owner could be displayed. These materials blended in an artful way with the library, dining table, and the home. 


09 - merdiven kesit-r1.jpg

We designed a separation between two floors for sleeping,

upstairs for the two cats Minik and Sufle, downstairs for the couple. 


A color palette was based on the southern coast where one of the owners came from, greenish-blue of the sea and pinkish color of clouds at sunset. First, we found the original color of the floor by soft-touch scraping, then we decided to use the same oak-wood for the furniture to make a holistic atmosphere, and expressive tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. The result is a harmonious but rich color experience for inhabitants. 


17 - render 08-r2.jpg

We imagined how inhabitants behave differently in different spaces.

And we also designed all furniture . . .



Entrance floor

First floor


Project Team

Ipek Kay, Yunus Özdemir, Betül Ay, Edanur Köseli, Nazli Can Özcoban,

Anıl Salar, Özgür Gültekin

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