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P E K K A 

simple and present

P E K K A 

simple and present



"Plants can smell their own fruits’ ripeness, distinguish between different touches, tell up from down, and retain information about past events; they “see” when you’re approaching them and even “know” whether you’re wearing a red or blue shirt; like us, they have unique genes that detect light and darkness to wind up their internal clock

A key reason why plants have evolved such a complex sensory system is that, unlike us and our fellow animals, they can’t escape a bad environment, pursue a good one, run away when danger approaches, or get up for a glass of water. Their “rootedness,” which keeps them immobile, is an enormous evolutionary constraint and, like all such constraints, responsible for a great many adaptations."

Daniel Chamovitz, What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses

BABKA is a plant stand collection, characterized by clean lines, which is complemented well by the organic form of the plants, available in three sizes and consists of a static metal structure.



ipek Kay


“[...] Just when the home is closed and forbidden [...] to the outside world as if it were the only defense from an infection, as if it were really necessary to separate from nature as from evil, more than ever we return to the earth”. 

From an article titled "Plants at home, a chronicle through the Domus archive"



Legs: Powder coated steel 


Legs: white, grey, green


Large:H75 x top Ø24x

bottom Ø45cm

Medium: H60 x top Ø24x bottom Ø45cm

Small: H45 x top Ø24x

bottom Ø45cm



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